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Sample Configuration – Church App

Browse some of the features commonly used for Churches using The Bridge App.

App Dashboard

App Dashboard

Your members will be welcomed with the latest announcements, optional ‘theming’ to match your brand, and an easy to use menu system with a unique scroll option to add additional buttons.


Members Directory

Provide an easy way for your congregation to connect and get to know each other with the Members Directory – improving relationships and community within your local Church.

App Donations

App Payments & Donations

Accept payments, donations, gifts and more using the intuitive ‘Give’ functionality. Payments can be one-time or recurring, and funds can be transferred from credit cards or bank accounts using ACH/EFT.

App Videos

Stream Pre-Recorded & LIVE Videos

Our video ‘Watch’ functionality put rich media in the hands of your users. Integrations with services like Vimeo make it easy to start a live stream and share directly in the app.

App Connected

Pull External Content & Articles

With RSS integrations it’s easy to pull feeds from your own website or multiple external blogs to provide visitors with even more content. Users never leave the app to read content.

App Circles

Join multiple organizations

If your Church, Club, and Kid’s School is using The Bridge App you can access them all by accessing our ‘Circles’ feature. This reduces the need for multiple apps on each device.

App Map

Search and Discover

The built-in search tool allows users to find organizations using The Bridge App. By default, new users will have limited access as guests until verified by the organization admin.

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